Welcome to The Sad Girl Society!

The purpose of this space is to create a place where you feel 1000% comfortable to voice whatever it is your going through whether it’s just a bad fucking day or your demons just won’t let you rest until you get it off your chest.

Rules of this Society:

  • Be nice! The whole point of this blog is to give you beautiful souls a place where you can safely go when you need advice or just someone to listen to you without judgements.
  • No judgments. Remember your here for the same reasons we all are so there’s no need for being judgmental of others and what they’re going through.
  • No name calling, belittleing, or condescending remarks. It’s something that mental illness’ feed on and since that’s one of this blogs topics that’s a big no-no. Plus it’s just mean.
  • Be authentic. I want you to bare your soul  and be happy that your getting though whatever it is your going through.
  • Love and let love! We love and welcome all lifestyles!


All submissions will be anonymously posted unless asked otherwise 🖤