Why dont you smile more..

Hi, I’m Julie and this is not my first blog I’ve tried to start but it is probably the most important one I’m ever going to have.

I’m 32 years old and for most of my life, I have been living with mental illness. Whether it be mine or someone else’s. I have always know that I am not the only one but never felt like I had a safe place to go and vent and cry without any judgments about myself my situation or the humans involved in my life. I’ve always wanted an outlet or a platform where I could safely voice the tornado of feelings I have in my head. So after I volunteered my mental illness story to a friend for some research she was doing, a lightbulb went off. What if I started a blog where you could literally pour your heart out without the stigma of “crazy” “psycho” “bitch”. I’m sure there are some out there already but I wanted one that I knew was truly a safe and open place for ANYONE (not just females) to come and rant and vent and just let it all out so you can at least know that you aren’t alone.

Welcome to The Sad Girl Society 🖤